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What aspect of your organisation is not working like it should?

Let Implement help you discover how you can optimise your organisation.

Implement is management consultancy with over 20 years experience helping organisations across Australia & New Zealand optimise and transform the way they work. 

The Implement philosophy is simple; understand the objective and target the root issues. If it is not clear, make it clear. Map the big picture but don’t lose sight of the detail. Mitigate obstacles and build momentum. Be there to make it happen. 

Whether you have a bold vision, a prickly problem or a situation that just doesn’t quite make sense, Implement is ready and eager to become a genuine partner.

Our people

Dominick McGee

Founding Director

Art McGee


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Democratising data; an agreeable principle, challenging in execution.

The establishment of a centralised analytics function and the many challenges faced and overcome.

Insights and updates

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If you want to do things differently you need people who think differently



Teaching people the real rules of the game to help them chart their own path to financial sustainability